Massage and wraps

While you are spending your vacation at the Lake Lipno, you have a great opportunity to relax and unwind during one of the massages offered by our hotel Maxant in Frymburk.

We try to offer several types of massages so everybody can choose one that suits them best. 

Wellness rituals with natural cosmetics Nobilis Tilia 

Anti-Age luxuries ritual for ladies

  • gentle full body peeling
  • nourishing body wrap
  • cosmetic facial massage
  • bioactive facial mask

Duration: aprox.45 minutes
Price: 750, - CZK


Purifying and nourishing citrus ritual

  • full body oil peeling
  • anti-cellulite treatments with oil and luxurious body cream Neroli (cocoa butter, orange blossom, citrus)
  • light massage
  • relaxation

Duration: aprox.45 minutes
Price: 600,- CZK





Thai King whole body massage  60 Min  1100,- CZK
Thai Classic hard whole body massage  60 Min  1100,- CZK
Whole body massage with aroma oils  60 Min  1100,- CZK
Foot and legs massage  60 Min  1100,- CZK
Hot stone massage  90 Min  1500,- CZK


Classic massage 

Classic back and neck massage 25 minutes 450,- CZK
Aroma back and neck massage with special oil 25 minutes 490,- CZK
Back and neck massage with special wax 25 minutes 490,- CZK
Classic whole body massage 55 minutes 900,- CZK

Kid´s massage - whole body massage
+ surprise (for kids up to 12 years)

25 minutes 450,- CZK

Foot reflex massage

25 minutes 450,- CZK


Special Massage

Hot stone massage 55 minutes  1100,- CZK
Honey massage honey oil 55 minutes   1350,- CZK 
Chocolate massage 90 minutes 1550,- CZK


The whole body detox wrap with lava peeling cca 35 min 650,- CZK
Cinnamon anti-cellulite wrap cca 30 min 300,- CZK
Warm peat wraps cca 25 min 300,- CZK

Disposable mud wraps are slabs of peat. On the slab is added a heat carrier warmed up to 60°C, which gently increase the temperature of the slab of peat at 40°C and retains this temperature throughout the procedure, which usually lasts 20 minutes.


  • arthrosis
  • muscle contracture
  • joint and spinal pain 
  • muscular and articular rheumatism
  • sciatica


The effectiveness of humid substances is identical with the classical peat wrap applied at the spa.


We recommend you to use infrared sauna to pre-warm and relax the muscles prior to a massage.


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