Why the name "Maxant"?

Why did we choose the name "Maxant" of our hotel?

Jan V. Maxant (1750-1838) was a Czech teacher and organist, who introduce the mysteries of music to a local born and later significant Viennese composer Simon Sechter (1788-1867).
We named our hotel after one of the famous couple, which symbolizes the eternal coexistence of Czechs and Germans in the region, which seemed to be still hovering spirit of the old genus of Vítkovci or futile love the writer Adalbert Stifter to the local born Fanny Greipl.

Note in our logo is just a reminder of Maxant's contribution as teacher, composer and choir director of the parish church in Frymburk.
Jan V. Maxant has brought many followers, who then worked as teachers in South Bohemia and Upper Austria and some of them even as musicians continued to spread the noble craft of music, all around the world.



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