Frymburk is a little scenic and recreational city, spreading out to the peninsula at Lake Lipno in South Bohemia. With a wide range of activities it has to offer, Frymburk becomes a favorite destination of many Czech and foreign tourists the whole year around.

Parts of its cultural heritage are Plague Column in the square and St. Bartholomew church which is the vista point for Frymburk.

Of course there is the availability of basic services such as health center and first aid medical service, post office, shopping center, taxi, ATM, information center, and of course comfortable accommodation.

But Frymburk offers more: for motorists - parking spaces, gas station and car service, for fishermen fishing tackle shops, bikers will appreciate the bike shop and bike rental.
On the local beach you will find playground, public restrooms with showers and boat rental where you can rent a pedal boats, sailboat or motor boats.


Peninsula Frymburk


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